Strawberry & Melon Freshness

Strawberry & Melon Freshness


Water Melon
Fresh Mint leaves

Making Strawberry & Melon Freshness

Cut the melon out of the shell and cube it into smaller pieces. Cut the strawberries in half and chop up some fresh mint leaves. Mix melon and mint leaves and layer strawberries and melon in a glass. Enjoy on a hot summer evening.

By the way, seeing as both Tim and I are on holiday, the posts will become pretty sporadic. Happy summer to all of you!


Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake


Sugar Cake Bottom
3  eggs
2 decilitres of sugar
1 deciliter of boiling water
2 decilitres of plain flour
2 1/2 tea-spoons of  baking powder
4-8 table spoons of orange juice

Cake Filling
7 decilitres of whipping cream
1 small bag of frozen blueberries
100 grams of powdered sugar
5 – 8 table-spoons of raspberry jam
1 basket of strawberries

Making Strawberry Cream Cake

Turn on the oven to a 175 degrees Celsius, take out a round cake tin ca 24 dm across and line it with baking paper. Crack the eggs in a bowl and add sugar. Whisk it together with a hand-mixer until it becomes a fluffy mass (in Norwegian we call this eggedosis). Boil water in a water kettle and measure up 1 deciliter. At the end of the whisking time, when the mass is beautiful and fluffy gently add the boiling water in a thin stream. It is important that the water goes in thinly and you have the mixer on full power. Sift in the baking powder and the plain flour, making sure that you fold in the flour making sure to keep as much air as possible. Fold not beat… In the cake tin it goes and then in the oven on the middle shelf. Check the cake with a cake pin after 30 minutes, if the cake is done there will be nothing sticking to the pin. Give it another 5 minutes if it does stick. Let the cake rest on a baking grid to cool off.

When the cake has cooled down (put your hand on the bottom of the cake tin, if its still warm then you wait a little), you use a knife to carefully carve around the edges. Put the baking tray on top of the cake and flip the cake around so that you have the top of the cake lying on the baking tray. Take of the round cake tin and the bottom and slowly tear off the baking paper.  Find the middle and use a bread knife to cut the cake bottom in half so that you have two round halves. Slide the bottom of your cake tin in between the two halves, bottom facing up. Put your cake plate (serving plate) on top flip it around and voila bottom half is on the cake plate. Now you should have to halves of cake with their interior exposed so to speak :) Take out orange juice and a table-spoon and drizzle over the cake halves, this will make them nice and moist. Take the bottom of the cake tin and place it on top of the top cake half, flip it around. Later you will slide this cake half on top of the other cake half that is covered with filling.

Add half of the cream (3,5 decilitres) to a bowl and whisk with a hand mixer until the cream is fluffy, not too long it turns into butter then. Add the defrosted blueberries, note that you can also use fresh ones. They are a bit out of season in Denmark so I could only get frozen ones. You can also use raspberries, I couldn’t find those either :) Anyways add the berries to the cream along with the powdered sugar. Add raspberry jam, by taste. I thought it was a tad sweet with just 4 table-spoons so I added some more, how many I’m not sure. Anyways the filling is now done and you can put it on the bottom cake half. Slide the top cake half on top of the filling.

Add the rest half of the cream to a bowl and whisk this as well. Use a spatula to distribute it on top of the cake but an ordinary butter knife to distribute the cream around the edges. Take out your strawberries (fresh raspberries would also work well here. Cut the top off the strawberries and wash them under the sink to remove any sand and leaves. Cut them in thin slices on a carving board and lay them nicely on top of the cake. I made this cake in a bit of a hurry for a (we are done with all exams and can finally breath again) party. I think I had less than 2 hours in all, but it worked out pretty well.

If you have any questions to the recipe I know its long and a little bit complicated with the flipping and turning, feel free to comment underneath :)

Tip: You can also make a marzipan lid for the cake or decorate with cream swirls. Check out my May 17th Cream Cake for some fruity decoration ideas.

Homemade Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry sorbet


2 small baskets of strawberries (ca 1 kilo gram )
200 grams of sugar
juice of 1 1/2 lime
1 decilitre of water

Making Strawberry sorbet

Cut the tops of the strawberries and half the bigger ones. Add the berries to a sift and wash them under the tap to remove leaves and sand. Add the berries to a food processor with sugar, water and lime juice, make sure it is blended well. Sift the strawberry mix through a finer sift (same as used for flour) to remove seeds and fruit pulp. Add the strawberry syrup to an ice cream machine. I have a Kenwood IM200 and it took about 30-40 min. The ice cream was then soft and could be added to an ice cream cone and eaten on the spot, but I added it to a plastic container and left it in the freezer for another 30 minutes.

Egg-fried Breakfast Bread

Egg-fried Breakfast Bread


2 eggs
3-4 slices of day old bread

Making Egg-fried Breakfast Bread

Whisk the eggs in a bowl with salt. Add about a tea-spoon of butter to a frying pan and turn on the heat. Soak the bread in the egg mix (both sides) and put the slices on the frying pan. If there is leftover egg just fry it as you would scrambled eggs.