Yummy Yoghurt Pancakes

Yummy Yoghurt Pancakes


2 deciliters of yoghurt
1 deciliter of milk
3 eggs
2 table-spoons of sugar
150 grams of flour
15 grams of baking powder
1 tea-spoon of salt

Making Yoghurt Pancakes

Crack the eggs in a bowl and add sugar, salt, yoghurt and milk. Whisk well together by hand. Measure up your flour and your baking powder and add into the mixture, little by little, while whisking hard. Cover the pancake dough with a cloth and let rest until you see bubbles in the surface. Put your oven on to 50-100 degrees Celsius and put in a baking dish. Get your frying pan ready, non-stick is preferable and add a bit of butter to it, ca 1 tea-spoon. Fry 3 pancakes at a time. Wait until the pancake starts to bubble and check colour underneath before  turning. When the pancakes are done, add them to the baking dish in the oven, to keep warm.

Serve with Nutella, jam & creme fraiche.

Inspired by Lisa

“Lapper”: Norwegian Buttermilk Pancakes


“Lapper”: Norwegian Buttermilk Pancakes

3 eggs
1 cup of sugar
2 cups of buttermilk
1 teaspoon of baking soda
3 cups of plain flour

Making Norwegian Buttermilk Pancakes

Whisk eggs and sugar lightly together. Add half of the buttermilk and whisk in plain flour. Add baking soda to the leftover buttermilk and whisk, leave to rest until  the buttermilk “reacts” with it. Add the now bubbly milk to your first batter and whisk well.Put a pan (preferably an iron skillet) on the heat. Once you have a steady low to medium heat, add a small tea-spoon of butter. Use a ladle and add a 3/4 full ladle to the pan. Turn the pancake when the pancakes have a bubbly surface, and are preferably browned underneath. Make sure that your pancakes is cooked all the way through, before you take it off the pan. You might have to experiment a bit with the heat until you find the right temperature, that will brown the pancake and cook it all the way through and not burn it on either side.

In Norway we serve “surmelkslapper” with sour cream and jam, but since I had some homemade stewed fruit it seemed the better choice at the time.

Tip: This is more of a dessert and coffee break pancake than one for breakfast. For the breakfast kind you should have a look at the Pancakes with Summer Yoghurt, the American Buttermilk PancakesBacon Pancakes, Yoghurt Pancakes or the more healthier option, Apple pancakes.

Bacon Pancakes

Bacon Pancakes


3 eggs
1 liter of milk
1 deciliter of sugar
3 tea-spoons of salt
7 decilitres of plain flour
140- 280 grams of bacon

Now before you start making this you should consider halving the recipe, depending on how many takers there are at the breakfast/dinner table. This recipe serves 4-5 people, 2-3 pancakes each. If you can eat more than that I salute you.

Making Bacon Pancakes

Add milk and eggs to a bowl and whisk together. Sift in plain flour, salt and sugar. Mix well until the batter is smooth. Leave to set for 30 minutes. Cut bacon strips into smaller pieces and fry in a pan. Add the bacon onto a plate, but leave the bacon grease in the pan. When the 30 minutes are up, add to ladles of batter into the frying pan and drizzle fried bacon on top. Remember to cook the pancakes on medium to low heat, so as not to blacken the sides before you can turn them. I fried the bacon on high and then turned down the heat until medium to low. Turn the pancake when the batter has set on top. You can of course flip the pancakes, but the bacon strips makes this a bit harder, so I suggest that you loosen the sides of the pancake with a spatula, before you free the pancake from the bottom. Put it under the middle and flip over slowly. Remember that the pancake needs less time on the other side, maybe 30 seconds to a minute.

Tip: Remember to grease the pan with either the saved bacon fat or some additional butter, not much is needed, just enough to not have the pancake stick to the pan.

Enjoy as they are or serve it, as crazy Norwegians do, with sugar, syrup or jam. The crazy Germans also add cheese on top theirs.

American Buttermilk Pancakes


2 decilitres of buttermilk
1 decilitre of milk
4 table-spoons of melted butter
2 eggs
5 decilitre of plain flour
1/2 tea-spoon of baking soda (natron)
3 table-spoons of raw cane sugar
1 1/2 tea-spoon of homemade vanilla sugar
1 tea-spoon of salt
Butter for frying

Making American Buttermilk Pancakes

Whisk buttermilk, melted butter and eggs lightly together. Add flour, baking soda, sugar and vanilla sugar to a baking bowl and mix it well. Add the milk mix to the flour mix and fold the dough together, be sure not to whisk it. You want to keep as much air as possible. Add butter to a frying pan and add some of the pancake mix. Check the bottom of the pancake and flip when brown.

Stack the pancakes on a plate and keep warm under a dish cloth or another plate. Serve with homemade strawberry jam and sour cream or yoghurt.

Pancakes with Summer Yoghurt

Pancakes with Summer Yoghurt


1 egg
1 cup of white flour
1 tea-spoon of baking powder
1 cup of milk
1 pinch of sea salt

Summer Yoghurt
1 banana
1 ring of pineapple
4 leaves of chopped mint
4 good table spoons of greek yoghurt

Making Pancakes with Summer Yoghurt

Whisk the egg in a bowl and add the other ingredients. Use an ordinary cup, no need for fancy measurements here. Just make sure you use the same one for milk and flour. Make the summer yoghurt before you start frying the pancakes. Mash the banana in a bowl, a fork does the trick. Chop the pineapple and mint and add to the bowl and scoop over yoghurt. Mix well and its ready to serve. Heat up a frying pan to steady heat, not to hot, then they might burn. Add about a tea-spoon of butter each time you fry the pancakes, depending on how big your frying pan is, you add two-tree ladles. Remember to put butter in the pan each time you fry new pancakes, lay aside on a plate, covered with a cloth or another plate.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver