Homemade Chili Jam

Homemade Chili Jam


11 Chilis (I mixed semi dried red chilis and green chilis just off the plant)
1 thumb sized piece of ginger root
8 garlic cloves
7 red bell peppers
2,5 decilitres of red wine vinegar
400 grams of chopped tomatoes
750 grams of sugar (3/4 cane sugar 1/4 refined sugar)

Making Homemade Chili Jam

Chop off the chili stems and chop the chilis into fours and add them to a food processor, Peel the ginger chop it up roughly and in it goes as well. Peel the garlic and add them too. I only have a stick blender so I just added the lot to a high deciliter cup and pulled a plastic bag over the whole thing to protect my kitchen walls (obviously I have the old kind that spits liquid everywhere).

Add the mix to a big casserole and continue with the bell peppers, de-seed them and take of the stem and the white bits. Cut the peppers into smaller pieces and blend them as well. (Obviously if you have a big blender just pour it all in there, I used a bigger bowl and an even bigger plastic bag, still didn’t help that much). Finely blend the peppers and add them to the casserole with chopped tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Let boil up and turn down to simmer stirring occasionally.  This will take a while … Depending on how watery your peppers are. If you get tired of waiting for it to boil down to jam consistency you can turn the heat up after a few hours, but stirring more obsessively. When it looks like hot boiling lava and most of the water have left the pot (and it sticks to the back of a spoon) you can add the jam to sterilised glasses (sterilised with boiling water or in a hot oven) filling it all the way to the rim so that the lid seals up nicely.

3 months it should keep in a cool dry place unopened. When opened store in the fridge and serve up with cold cuts, cheese or add to asian dishes for an extra kick.

Makes for a brilliant Christmas present if you add a pretty label and maybe share the recipe as well.