Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Cocoa Banana Ice cream

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways of making ice cream and that even without sugar.


Cocoa powder
Frozen Banana
Salted Peanuts

Making Cocoa Banana Ice Cream

I don’t know about you, but I am always having trouble eating the bananas before they go brown (not my favourite fruit to be honest), and I have taken to freeze them in pieces before they get so bad that I have to throw them out. This has led to 2 things, 1. My boyfriend has a racing bike and is often in the need of a power up after a long trip. Frozen banana + milk + oats = One awesome smoothie and 2. Frozen Banana Ice Cream. I used a hand blender to make this ice cream, taking the bananas out of the freezer and leaving them to thaw up a little before blending. I added some cocoa powder and a little milk to help the blender along. The result, silky chocolate ice cream. Chop up some peanuts and voila, instant sugar free ice cream. Probably great with some caramel sauce though :) Tim was in awe when I made this, banana + cocoa = ice cream, damn that is awesome right.


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