Crispy Mini Easter Scones

Crispy Mini Breakfast Scones


6 deciliters of plain flour
3 deciliters of whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of baking powder
5 tablespoons of sunflower oil
2 deciliters of yoghurt
2 deciliters of milk
A handful of Müsli

Making Crispy Mini Breakfast Scones

Set your oven temperature to 200 degrees Celsius. Take out a large bowl and add all the dry ingredients, mixing them well. Make a dip in the middle and pour in your milk and oil, finally adding some Müsli (mine contains desiccated coconut, raisins, cornflakes and almonds and many, many seeds).

Stir all the ingredients together until it starts to come together. At this point, start using your hands, not kneading just combining. The trick of getting scones right is to not overwork the dough, just combining it until you can put it onto a flour dusted surface. Use a rolling pin to roll the scones into 1-1,5 centimeter thickness. I used a scone cutter, one size smaller than usual, because I wanted mini breakfast bites. You might need to re-roll the dough to get all your scones cut out.

Alternatively you roll one large square that you part up with a knife or pizza roller. I guess it makes sense to roll the dough onto the baking sheet then, seeing as it is hard to lift the dough onto the paper, its very fragile. My mini scones made 2 trays, which I then baked in the oven for 15 minutes. I would suggest to check after 10 minutes, seeing as all ovens are different.

When the scones have browned and risen nicely, take them out and let them rest on a baking grid before you serve them. They taste excellent with a little butter and raspberry jam.

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