Applesauce & Chocolate Crumble

Apple sauce with White Chocolate Sprinkles


5-6 apples (ca. 600 grams)
1/2 deciliter of water
Bread crumbs
70 grams of white chocolate

Making Apple sauce with Chocolate Crumble

Peel the apples and take out the core. Add the peeled apples to a casserole with 1/5 deciliter of water. Let the apples boil on low heat until tender. When the apples are tender and you can mash them with your fingers, you take a hand blender and blend it in the casserole. Add a few table spoons of sugar, by taste (I think I added 3?). Stir the apple sauce and leave on a low heat. Take out a nonstick frying pan and add your bread crumbs. My bread crumbs are homemade from some leftover white bread I dried in the oven and then crushed in my blender. I didn’t measure the amount of crumbs, so this part is up to you. Brown the crumbs on the pan and add a little knob of butter. Mix well and break in your white chocolate. Let the chocolate melt and mix with the crumbs. It forms a sort of chocolate crumble. Take your frying pan and casserole off the heat and leave to cool. When chilled, layer the apple sauce and chocolate crumble in a glass.

Tip: When I make this again I will either use apples with more acidity or add a little lemon juice to the apple sauce.


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