May 17th Cream Cake

May 17th Cream Cake


Sugar Bread
3 eggs
2 decilitres of sugar
1 deciliter of boiling water
2 decilitres of plain flour
2 1/2 teaspoons of  baking powder
4-8 tablespoons of orange juice

Cake Filling
5 deciliters of whipping cream
1 – 2 teaspoons of sugar
1 bag of frozen blueberries
1 bag of mixed forest berries
1-5 tablespoons of raspberry jam
2 small baskets of fresh raspberries

Making Berry Cream Cake

Turn on the oven to a 175 degrees Celsius, take out a round cake tin ca 24 dm across and line it with baking paper. Crack the eggs in a bowl and add sugar. Whisk it together with a hand-mixer until it becomes a fluffy mass. Boil water in a water kettle and measure up 1 deciliter. At the end of the whisking time, when the mass is beautiful and fluffy gently add the boiling water in a thin stream. It is important that the water goes in thinly and you have the mixer on full power. Sift in the baking powder and the plain flour, making sure that you fold in the flour making sure to keep as much air as possible. Fold not beat… In the cake tin it goes and then in the oven on the middle shelf. Check the cake with a cake pin after 30 minutes, if the cake is done there will be nothing sticking to the pin. Give it another 5 minutes if it does stick. Let the cake rest on a baking grid to cool off.

When the cake has cooled down (put your hand on the bottom of the cake tin, if its still warm then you wait a little), you use a knife to carefully carve around the edges. Put the baking tray on top of the cake and flip the cake around so that you have the top of the cake lying on the baking tray. Take of the round cake tin and the bottom and slowly tear off the baking paper.  Find the middle and use a bread knife to cut the cake bottom in half so that you have two round halves. Slide the bottom of your cake tin in between the two halves, bottom facing up. Put your cake plate (serving plate) on top flip it around and voila bottom half is on the cake plate. Now you should have to halves of cake with their interior exposed so to speak. Take out orange juice and a table-spoon and drizzle over the cake halves, this will make them nice and moist. Take the bottom of the cake tin and place it on top of the top cake half, flip it around. Later you will slide this cake half on top of the other cake half that is covered with filling.

Add sugar to the cream and whisk with a hand mixer until it is fluffy. Defrost the forest berries and use a strainer to get rid of any liquid (you can use some of this liquid to make jam if you have berries left over). Sprinkle some sugar on the berries, mine were a bit sour. Add enough cream to go between the cake halves to one bowl and mix in berries and raspberry jam, by taste. The filling is now done and you can put it on the bottom cake half. Slide the top cake half on top of the filling. Use a spatula to distribute cream on top of the cake, I used just enough that it would cover the cake, no brown peaking out on top or at the sides. If you would like to make the flag have a go, and just follow what you see on the picture, if not just put the berries in a pattern or scatter them random on top.

If you have any questions to the recipe I know its long and a little bit complicated with the flipping and turning, feel free to comment underneath.

Tip: You can also make a marzipan lid for the cake or decorate with cream swirls.

P.S. 17th of May is Norway’s national day


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