Citrus Madness


Lemon Sugar Bread
325 grams of sugar
325 grams of room temperature baking margarine/butter
5 eggs
3 table-spoons of lemon zest
1 1/2 tea-spoon of baking powder
325 grams of plain flour

Cake Dressing 
5 table-spoons of freshly pressed orange juice
5 table-spoons of freshly pressed lemon juice
ca 4 table-spoons of sugar

Freshly pressed lemon juice
Powdered sugar
Zest of one lime

Making Citrus Madness

I found a Bosch juicer at a flea market and since then I have gone citrus mad, thereby the name of the post. So, so easy, and I’m never going back!! :) This is my second citrus cake, more lemony than my last Zesty orange cake. Oh and a tip, make sure you read the whole recipe before you begin, the recipe is not too complicated, but it is a bit long.

Add margarine and sugar to a baking bowl and mix with a hand mixer until it is a white fluffy mass. Grate the lemon and add the lemon zest. Add one and one egg while stirring in between. Sift baking powder and plain flour in another bowl and add the dry to the wet. Fold it in to the batter, it gets pretty sticky. Cover a round cake tin, about 24cm in diameter,  in baking paper and use a little margarine/butter to grease the cake tin, sides and paper. Add the dough and bake the cake in a preheated oven ,175 degrees Celsius, for 45- 50 minutes. Test with a cake pin to know when ready.

Prick the cake with a cake pin, or a thin skewer, before you add the juice and sugar to a casserole. Stir while it warms up and wait for the sugar to dissolve. Have a taste and see that it’s not too sugary, not too lemony. Just in between is right. When the sugar is fully dissolved and the mix has cooled down you pour it over the cake (the small indentations in the cake will make sure that the juices go through), 1/2 half of the juice on the one side and 1/2 on the other side. Wait for a few minutes after you put the syrup on the first half, before you turn the cake around. Turn it around by putting a cake plat on top, holding on to the plate and cake tin, while turning it around.  Take off the form and remove the bottom and the baking paper. Pour over the rest of the syrup. Depending on whichever side is nicest, you can put another plate on top – turn around – and have the other side facing up.

When the cake has cooled down completely you start on the icing. Add a few table spoons of lemon juice to a bowl. Add powdered sugar until it becomes an icing mass. Have a taste and adjust to your liking. Use a knife to distribute the icing on the cake. Take out a grating iron and a lime and grate some lemon zest on top of the cake.

Tip: When you grate zest make sure you only use the coloured peel and not the white. Also before you use the peel you should give the lime, lemon or orange a good scrub under warm water, getting rid of dust, and some of the stuff its been treated in. You can also buy ecological citrus fruits to make sure they haven’t been treated.


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