Fun with Rum = Homemade Mojito


Mint leaves
Cane sugar /Brown sugar
White rum
Crushed ice
Faxe Kondi (club soda)

Making Homemade Mojito

I had a friend come over from Norway before the weekend, and when friends travel that far you know there is booze to be had. I think the tax free beckons to Norwegians quite forcefully and thankfully I might add seeing as I now am one bottle up on rum and red wine. That is we drank half the rum bottle, but hey who can blame one for wanting to test out a proper mojito when you actually have a mint plant just standing in the kitchen begging to be mixed with alcohol.

As we figured out after a little internet research there are a few ways to go about making the mojito, ours is an interpretation of this internet search and so we are willing to share or newfound knowledge with you.

Bring out your drink glass, some ice cubes a mint plant, brown or cane sugar, and a few limes. Cut the lime in halves and rip some leaves of the mint plant. Add the leaves and lime to your glass and crush them quite forcefully with a pestle. This makes the juice flow so to speak before you add the sugar. I think I used 4 lime halves that is half a lime shared in 4 for my glass and a little hand full of mint. Add 1 table-spoon of brown sugar or cane sugar, I suggest you test both because we differed on which we liked best. I went for the brown sugar and thought it tasted more of, well something good I tell you that. Add the rum, I’d say about 2x 2cl should suffice, or as much as you want. I don’t think we measured at all, a good clunk as I like to call it.

Add crushed ice, and if you are one of those people who don’t have an ice crusher, don’t despair neither did I :) What I have though is some arm strength, a good deal of dedication and an awesome rolling-pin. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag (except if they are already frozen in bags) wrap a dishcloth around and start banging until the ice is crushed. Voila… crushed ice for your drink. Add the faxe kondi (club soda) and stir.

Serve with raw pickled strawberries.


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