Homemade Chili

 Homemade Chili


3 small red peppers
1 big yellow pepper
1 yellow onion
1-2 table-spoons of sunflower oil
300 grams of minced beef
1 box of beans
1 box of chopped tomatoes
1 box of sweet corn
2 cloves of garlic
3 tea-spoons of chili salt
1 tea-spoon of paprika powder
1 tea-spoon of chili oil
Salt and pepper
Serve with rice or sweetcorn bread

Making Homemade Chili

Chop onion and garlic and sweat in the pan with minced beef and sunflower oil. When golden in colour add the chopped peppers, stir in for a while before adding the box of chopped tomatoes. If you bought a box of tomato beans make sure you rinse them. Do the same with the sweet corn. Add it at the end of the boiling time, so that they keep some of their firmness. Before adding these two you should add some spice to your sauce. We added chili-salt some home made chili-oil, paprika powder, salt and pepper. Also I added sugar, sugar is always needed when you make something with tomatoes I think. Boil in some of the fluid before you add the sweet corn and the beans. If you want more of a kick to it, I would suggest adding some chopped chilis. I used all mine for the chili salt, so didn’t have that option.

When it’s boiled away most of its fluid it should be ready. I put the stove on the high heat and let it boil away, that way the vegetable don’t go mushy. Make sure you taste it once a while and then you choose when its ready. I can’t give you a ready in so and so many minutes, because it is really up to you.

Serve with rice or sweet corn bread.


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