Homemade Chili Salt

Homemade Chili Salt


Dried Chilis
Sea salt

Making Homemade Chili Salt

I like using chili peppers when I cook, but never seem to be able to use them all. When you buy them in the store they are always in packs of 4 or 5, and seeing that there is a limit to my hot food tolerance, I needed to find an alternative solution for the ones left over. I read a lot of food blogs and came across an amazingly simple idea, which I’m now gonna share with you. What you need is either a kitchen machine, with a chopping function,  or a mortar. You will also need some dried chilis and sea salt. If you know you won’t use all of you chilis you might do as I did, place them in a glass on the kitchen counter, where they are left to dry out. I think it took about 2 -3 weeks before they were dry enough to be used for this “recipe”. You can tell by the looks of them and also feel that they are a lot lighter, and then you know they are ready for use.

Just remember to cut of the stem, and cut them into smaller pieces, before you add them to the kitchen machine. If you want to use a mortar, I would finely chop them , before crushing them in the mortar with the salt. You add as much salt as you think necessary and either grind in the mortar, or take for a spin in the kitchen machine until its thoroughly mixed and the salt is a bit crushed.  Now you should have a lovely coloured “Chilisalt” that can be added to any dish you like. I put mine in some homemade chili, and will be sure to let you in on the recipe later.

Tip: If you are out of gift ideas and want to give an original present to someone, just add the salt to some nice glasses or containers, and voila, home-made gift with a zest!


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